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Please, let me go!

I recently bought a book on Flipkart, a buy which I now realize was a complete waste of 110 bucks, straight out of my pocket! The book titled, “Never let me go”, written by Sachin Garg, looked promising from the cover as showcased on Flipkart and the review was completely misleading. It did not tell me that this was another run-of-the-mill story with the same old plot of a guy and a girl falling in and out of love and building on and manipulating their confusion and the chaos. It does not matter now that I read the complete book(I bet no one but one who has bought it with expectations will have the pluck to read it!), and that I found it to be a complete waste of my time, because I can now warn others to be wary of spending time on something so astonishingly ordinary!

Now, you must have guessed that it is yet another love story from the Indian writer’s factory! Excuse me if that was bordering rude, but I can’t help but notice that extremely ordinary and cliche love stories(sadly, by Indian writers) abound in book stores in India and yes! they do have an audience! Now you know why online shopping websites put up a good review even for the most undeserving books!

The basic plot is that of a young couple, in an engineering college in Delhi, who “love to spend time together and laugh on undeserving jokes “; I hope you are getting the drift. Yes, so the story revolves around Samar and Kanika who are “oh-so-much-in-love” and who keep up the mushy conversations without much effort! Samar is the kind of guy who trusts his girl, but still would take things on face value, and that is exactly where the story starts building! He trusts what he sees one fine day, which causes his world to collapse in front of his eyes. Without a second thought, he boards the train to Goa, with his friend Zeeshan, to get rid of the anger and feeling of dejection fuming inside him. Goa presents him with a host of new experiences and he gets transformed into a guy who takes each day as it comes and starts loving the unpredictability of his life. He meets people who change him into a confident and street-smart guy whose latent talents are invoked by the new tasks and weather he faces there.  God only knows how his engineering college does not mind him taking one month of uninformed leave! So, when he is almost cured of his depression, he is pushed back to square one, he is forced to unlearn all the street-smartness and return to being the old Samar, which leaves the reader clueless and scared about what twist awaits next. But, fortunately, the story wraps up thereafter and comes to a rather melodramatic end(Bollywood! Are you listening?) end, where Samar realizes what he has lost was because of his silly misunderstanding and that he now has to live with the pain of his great loss.

What the author is presenting is his own story when he was 21 years old and as-far-as-I-get-it, he wants to put forth the message, that one must not believe in things until a full explanation is received and that misunderstandings can lead to everlasting pain and grief. Okay, but what I fail to understand is, why do you have to let some random characters loose on a recycled plot? Why the same-old “masala” read? Why not attempt to write something with minimum conversations and more on the verge of being accepted as true literature?! Never again will I read any book that warns you of being an Indian love story and fools you with a beautiful cover page! It is after the read that you understand why the book pleads so earnestly through its title!

End of the world??? Nah! :)

2012 has begun! The world will end this year on December the 21st!!! If anyone tries to fool you into believing this, remember, the show isn’t over yet…There’s so much more left for the world to witness, and so much more left for the world to bear(and bare! :P)

Here’s my list of ten events that God would definitely consider, and that would stop his pen from  signing the END-OF-THE-WORLD agreement.. 😛

1. One southie flick which does not defy the laws of physics, is released (in a theatre near you :P)!

2. The day when girls of Pune stop wearing long scarves and finally reveal their pretty faces.. 🙂 (are you listening, boys?)

3. The day when auto rickshaw drivers of Pune give up denying a passenger’s “request” for a ride.

4. The day CORRUPTION is completely eradicated.(How ambitious of me, eh?)

5. The day colleges have more attendance than commercial coaching centres!! 😛

6. The day people of India stop bothering about cricket! (I never bother, who’s playing… :P)

7. The day “inspired films” and “mainstream cinema” loses to “sensible and thought-provoking cinema”

8. The day India plays host for Olympic games! (Will India be capable enough, ever??)

9. The day Social Networking sites get a strong privacy policy in place.

10. The day the LBD(Little Black Dress) goes out of style! (Girls, this one’s for you! You know, that’s never gonna happen!)

So, what say? Is the apocalypse, or total annihilation even close?? Naahhh! 😉

I recently read Chetan Bhagat’s latest- Revolution 2020. It wasn’t just another roll out of The Chetan Bhagat factory, it was a thought-provoking one.

There are two categories of people in India:

The first, the indolent lot who don’t care about the bigger cause of the nation, and are lost in pursuit of MONEY, NAME and FAME, unconcerned about how they get it!

The second,  the righteous lot, for whom the path followed to achieve the goal is extremely important; that is those who still own a conscience(that is,honestly, an unorganized minority).

The story is based in the beautiful, small city of Varanasi(also called Kashi or Benares). There are three central characters in this story: Gopal, Raghav and Aarti.

Gopal, is the kind of guy who “Wants to be a big man one day”, but doesn’t really look like a bright guy with sparky ambitions. In short, he doesn’t really have the spunk to get ahead in life, following the right path. He belongs to a poor family and lacks the guts to take on the world.

Raghav, on the other hand, is the quintessential hero. He is intelligent, ambitious and wants to change the ways of the world. He wants to kill the bug of corruption and wants to bring in a revolution, to transform the world into one based on honesty, righteousness and fair means.

Aarti is the filling in the sandwich(The two bread slices being Gopal and Raghav.).She is a beautiful girl, daughter of the DM, who aspires to become an air hostess, and ends up as a hospitality manager in a 5-star hotel, as her parents cut her wings(her dreams of flying).

Gopal, Raghav and Aarti are good friends since school. Aarti and Gopal are best friends, who share everything with each other, while Raghav is initially, just a friend’s friend for Aarti. Later on, as the engineering entrance exam results are declared, Raghav bags a good JEE as well as an AIEEE rank, while Gopal, remains the loser, and doesn’t make it to any of the lists. He joins a coaching institute, CareerPath in Kota and repeats JEE on his father’s insistence and his savings. While Gopal is away from Varanasi, Raghav joins IT-BHU, using his JEE rank and Aarti and Raghav fall in love with each other. Gopal sniffs the affair and confronts Aarti a number of times, and fails in his attempt to get his girl back, while struggling to study hard for the JEE. He returns after the re-attempt, back to Varanasi, and a lot of changes(read: results of JEE, leading to his father’s death; his acquaintance with Shukla-ji(the corrupt politician), his consequent post of directorship to a new engineering college, supported by pillars of corruption and wrongdoing, and his consequent surge of confidence) occur and he is transformed into a rich guy, who is close to getting the girl and close to losing his conscience. He gets Aarti to his side(she falls for Gopal and his hollow fame) and is ready to dump Raghav, who has taken up the cause of changing the world through the written word(journalism) and has been fired from his job as reporter in a good newspaper group, The Dainik, because of his naive ways and his insistence on “delivering the truth to the people, however dirty it may be”. This is harmful for Shukla-ji’s political career and he gets Raghav on the road. Raghav starts his own venture ‘Revolution 2020’, filled with righteous vigor and strength of a pure conscience. He continues to move on, notwithstanding the peril to his life. And he wins! Both, satisfaction of a pure conscience and the girl, Aarti. However, Raghav wins the girl all thanks to Gopal. Gopal gives her away, because of the dawn of the realization on him that Raghav is the better person, and that Aarti deserves the best, not him. Gopal, in the end, becomes “a good person”.

Chetan Bhagat’s line of thought is for the youth of today. Through this tale of the two guys and the girl, he says, you choose what you want :The cacophony of a successful career, rooted in corruption; or the sweet melody born out of the union of a pure conscience and honest effort. What’s your pick?