We’ll walk holding hands

With all eyes on us.

They’ll pose and flip their hair,

The celebrities within.


We’ll step into the party,

Red passion on our minds.

The red goblets will clink,

I’ll toss my hair and wink.


I’ll straighten your bow tie

And tame your wavy mop.

I’ll ask you to get me a drink

While I adjust my shiny top.


Bystanders will watch and envy

My sequined Eliza J. dress,

Your dress shoes from Cole Haan

And dreaming up no less.


My hesitant heels will dance

Your hands around my waist,

We left our watches home

While cleaning up our best.


With midnight upon us

Worn down by the smiles

I’ll blow kisses from my coral lips,

You’ll wave, escaping the wiles.


We’ll walk back, holding hands,

Flicking between the frames,

Tucking in some stray strands,

Recollecting new names.


I’ll slide happily into my pj’s,

You’ll lose yourself in the news.

There’s no eyes on us now, baby

Life’s back to a snooze.