The contours potray a jovial glow,

The turbulence within no one does know.

The tightening knot appears divine,

A growing relation deepens like wine.


A beautiful smile garners many a cheer

The Sun setting within away does steer,

A hand held tight, now appears remote,

A hand brushed past, in memories does float.


A mix of colours, now red and white,

A mix, not sure, so proportionate and right;

The white seemed pure, though distantly fine.

The red, so close, so intimately mine!


Cheeks, pale white, were missable two.

The red brought back the rosy hue.

The firey red struck rhythms divine,

The diamonds old, relive the shine.


The tender gaze once sought hands warm.

The warmth of some hands, never had the charm.

You have arrived, an evening summer breeze!

Now I sweetly smell flowers, which once made me sneeze!

-Anuja Kelkar