The skies were lit a brilliant blue,

A group of clouds played hide and seek.

The Sun watched over a mob that flew

The flapping wings and many a beak.


Some bold wings beat the air with might

Wings naive flapped away haughtily

Some had their sight on the air above

Some beat air under their wings happily.


The birdies soared with steady sight

Up high they aimed, and managed the flight.

Some greenhorns flew at slower pace

They envied those who won the race.


The violet shade of envy grew.

The blue now turned an angry hue.

Those lying low wished greater heights

Those up above gave sleepless nights.


A wise old feather spread the word

A lower height would do some good.

The pace now slowed, the level now low

Wings now flapped with a brighter glow.


The Sun now shone on the birds, with warmth.

The golden glow did lighten hearts.

The clouds made way for happy wings

And flying together, the mob now sings.


-Anuja Kelkar