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End of the world??? Nah! :)

2012 has begun! The world will end this year on December the 21st!!! If anyone tries to fool you into believing this, remember, the show isn’t over yet…There’s so much more left for the world to witness, and so much more left for the world to bear(and bare! :P)

Here’s my list of ten events that God would definitely consider, and that would stop his pen fromΒ  signing the END-OF-THE-WORLD agreement.. πŸ˜›

1. One southie flick which does not defy the laws of physics, is released (in a theatre near you :P)!

2. The day when girls of Pune stop wearing long scarves and finally reveal their pretty faces.. πŸ™‚ (are you listening, boys?)

3. The day when auto rickshaw drivers of Pune give up denying a passenger’s “request” for a ride.

4. The day CORRUPTION is completely eradicated.(How ambitious of me, eh?)

5. The day colleges have more attendance than commercial coaching centres!! πŸ˜›

6. The day people of India stop bothering about cricket! (I never bother, who’s playing… :P)

7. The day “inspired films” and “mainstream cinema” loses to “sensible and thought-provoking cinema”

8. The day India plays host for Olympic games! (Will India be capable enough, ever??)

9. The day Social Networking sites get a strong privacy policy in place.

10. The day the LBD(Little Black Dress) goes out of style! (Girls, this one’s for you! You know, that’s never gonna happen!)

So, what say? Is the apocalypse, or total annihilation even close?? Naahhh! πŸ˜‰


In today’s virtual world, everyone can boast of having a 1000 friends on Facebook. It is the age of Social Networking websites! There are sooooo many portals available, that one might get overwhelmed by the number! We make new, “virtual” friends on social networking sites, friends who were friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends, or deeper down the “friends of” tree ; we stay connected with friends and family through these numerous portals: Moblile phones, chat messengers, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Every new experience, every good news, every “first” tear, every “first” love, all the BIG decisions, all the small occasions, the everyday places we visit, the chaiwalla down the street, the cow in the nearby cowshed, the dogs on the street, every cloth in your wardrobe, every smile of you life, every forgettable day, every sorrowful moment (whew!)Β  finds visibility on Facebook. Every “AAchhoo” , every “Yahoo!”, every “Yippee!” first finds space in your profile on FB and then in your own heart! Even before some news related to you sinks down your system, it has got LIKES and COMMENTS on FB!! Even newborns are famous on FB before they know the ABC of social networking! What a world of Newsmaking and Publicity!

In the age of posts, comments and likes, where we feel we are connecting with our folks, I feel that we have actually lost contact with our TRUE relations with these people with whom we stay connected on FB. Earlier, when Facebook did not exist and nor did any of the other social networking sites, any happy moment in one’s life stayed within the boundaries of the family and friends in direct physical or telephonic contact, and the news was conveyed in person.Β  Any small joy or sorrow, back then, would first find a way to your best friend’s repository and not on your profile page! Back then, people could feel exclusive about being “the first ones” or “the only ones” to know certain things about you;Β  they could feel that they were the only ones who possessed certain whacky childhood snaps of yours, or some other memories which could evade the digital media. In the pre-digimaniac era , you had the choice of saying, “I’ll show you that picture of mine when we meet next!”, or “I’ll tell you what happened when we meet next! ” to a friend who insisted on seeing or knowing a particular detail…But the FB-chat-era of today has taken that option away…Now, your friend can say,”You can post that on FB instead!” , and there! You lose the personal touch, and end up showing and exhibiting that particular detail to almost every virtual friend of yours!

All our lives are mapped onto pages of Social networking sites today. Are we ready to lose some special relations,Β  the personal touch, the feeling of exclusivity? I cherish those memories from the past, when I would look forward to seeing my friends the next day and this sweet desperation of mine would be rewarded the next day with the “real” hellos and warm handshakes.

I would really love to rewind to the age where I could have a warm handshake, not a cold poke; to the age where I could “wait” to meet my friends and my folks, not lose the magic of a personal meeting in a text message ; to the age when I could make out who really remembers my birthday, without today’s FB reminders, and mobile phone alarms.

How I wish I could revive those beautiful ways of patient communication! πŸ™‚