Dreams are an intriguing phenomenon. Dreams lead us to believe in something, however incredulous it may be! They give us an insight into what has, or might be happening in our life.
In ancient societies in Greece and Egypt, dreams were considered as a medium of communication with the Supreme, as a means of divine intervention. Today, the field of psychology reveals certain meanings of dreams.
Dreams, research reveals, present our suppressed desires, fears, anxieties, or even some professional or romantic desires that remain unfulfilled. Dreams provide a means of expression to all the suppressed feelings inside which may not find their way out of your system during daytime, in the real world. They often provide an insight into your inner being, your true self and their interpretation might not only provide us a clue of what is happening at present and why, but also might provide hints as to what our future holds for us.
Dreams, i believe should not be ignored as mere pass time during the hours of darkness of the night, but should be viewed as keys to unravelling the mysteries of our lives.
So dream on! 🙂