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Insta Intimacy


We’ll walk holding hands

With all eyes on us.

They’ll pose and flip their hair,

The celebrities within.


We’ll step into the party,

Red passion on our minds.

The red goblets will clink,

I’ll toss my hair and wink.


I’ll straighten your bow tie

And tame your wavy mop.

I’ll ask you to get me a drink

While I adjust my shiny top.


Bystanders will watch and envy

My sequined Eliza J. dress,

Your dress shoes from Cole Haan

And dreaming up no less.


My hesitant heels will dance

Your hands around my waist,

We left our watches home

While cleaning up our best.


With midnight upon us

Worn down by the smiles

I’ll blow kisses from my coral lips,

You’ll wave, escaping the wiles.


We’ll walk back, holding hands,

Flicking between the frames,

Tucking in some stray strands,

Recollecting new names.


I’ll slide happily into my pj’s,

You’ll lose yourself in the news.

There’s no eyes on us now, baby

Life’s back to a snooze.



Come see my darkness, take my hand

And you will know me like none have known

Let me show you my edges, cuts and blemishes

That none can see in the blinding light.


Come see my darkness, take my hand

I will introduce you to my friend, the night

Who embraces, loves and does not judge

Who cleans while you are asleep in bed.


Come see my darkness, take my hand

I will show you the place you can find me at

And see me at my best in my worst

When everyone says I am not around.


Come see my darkness, take my hand

Let me open my box of fears and worries

You can hold them and feel their texture

And then we can lose the box in the dark.


Come see my darkness, take my hand

We can drown in the shower of our secrets

Let’s unfurl those tapes that we preserve in our lockers

And forget what shame means.


Come see my darkness, take my hand

I have been here long enough to know

I will hold the torch for you, as we walk

I will help you through the maze, my friend.


The darkness is forever true

It doesn’t lie with a new color each day

This tramp that I have fed for years

Steals my time and runs away.




My broken pieces, restless

Wait for their glue

My incomplete song yearns

For its final verse to brew.

A thousand years I have waited,

A thousand years I’ll wait

The last word that you didn’t spout

That last handshake.

The million words you didn’t speak

Echo in my mind.

The sweet words of yesterland

Escaped in the bitter grind.

I haven’t thrown the shattered glass.

It lies where you saw last.

Come pick it up, come clean the mess.

It won’t hurt, come just once.

What was the beautiful song

That played when we were young?

It heals my wounds and bruises.

It quenches the dry land

Come play that song for me

Let my spirit dance

I wish to know how the story ends

So peace can return home.


The Second Chance

Take 2

I am leaving the house now.

I wanna get out.

It’s been so lonely lately,

I want a second chance.

I have been through a lot.

Life’s played it’s nasty game.

It’s bowled me out.

I want a second chance.

I am clearing out the clutter,

The chaos has rendered me deaf.

I want to be at peace.

I want a second chance.

I have a few broken bones

And terrible bruises too.

I want to clean up now

I want a second chance.

I wanted shiny panes

I got a broken window.

I am building a new house.

I want a second chance.

The ghosts of the past did visit.

They saw me shudder with fright.

Not anymore, I tell them.

I want a second chance.

I have set out on a journey,

A journey to a place called Heaven.

I won’t go wrong this time.

I will get my second chance.

The Quest for Happiness

Sitting by the footpath, hungry and bare,

A coin’s chime makes it ten,

His single day’s meal is won,

Oh, happiness is on its way!

Roaming alone all day,

Clean clothes but no one to play,

A hand catches the kid’s with a smile

Oh, happiness is on its way!

Waiting by the shore,

Watching the waves rush,

Ahoy! A message in a bottle!

Oh, happiness is on its way!


Fought with folks and left the nest,

Rested, a foreign pen, tried his best.

Earned a living, sense made its way back.

Oh, happiness is on its way!


Playing with her tresses,

Stares blankly at her phone,

A call returns the lost glow,

Oh, happiness is on its way!


The birds are chirping a merry song,

They know not where the gale blows,

A cheery flutter and they are gone;

Oh, happiness is on its way!


Part of a crowd, alone still.

Lost, without a purpose or will,

Toiled and found the calling sweet.

Oh, happiness is on its way!


Don’t count you dollars, think not of your riches.

The joy of being lies in moments small.

Count your blessings and you will know it well,

Oh, Happiness is here to stay!

The change in rhythm

The contours potray a jovial glow,

The turbulence within no one does know.

The tightening knot appears divine,

A growing relation deepens like wine.


A beautiful smile garners many a cheer

The Sun setting within away does steer,

A hand held tight, now appears remote,

A hand brushed past, in memories does float.


A mix of colours, now red and white,

A mix, not sure, so proportionate and right;

The white seemed pure, though distantly fine.

The red, so close, so intimately mine!


Cheeks, pale white, were missable two.

The red brought back the rosy hue.

The firey red struck rhythms divine,

The diamonds old, relive the shine.


The tender gaze once sought hands warm.

The warmth of some hands, never had the charm.

You have arrived, an evening summer breeze!

Now I sweetly smell flowers, which once made me sneeze!

-Anuja Kelkar

Fly together

The skies were lit a brilliant blue,

A group of clouds played hide and seek.

The Sun watched over a mob that flew

The flapping wings and many a beak.


Some bold wings beat the air with might

Wings naive flapped away haughtily

Some had their sight on the air above

Some beat air under their wings happily.


The birdies soared with steady sight

Up high they aimed, and managed the flight.

Some greenhorns flew at slower pace

They envied those who won the race.


The violet shade of envy grew.

The blue now turned an angry hue.

Those lying low wished greater heights

Those up above gave sleepless nights.


A wise old feather spread the word

A lower height would do some good.

The pace now slowed, the level now low

Wings now flapped with a brighter glow.


The Sun now shone on the birds, with warmth.

The golden glow did lighten hearts.

The clouds made way for happy wings

And flying together, the mob now sings.


-Anuja Kelkar

Words elude me

When the morning peeps with myriad shades,

And the warmth of the morn seeps in with glee

Monotony with vigour fresh trades,

I see then, words elude me.


When caring eyes spot grief behind a smile,

And loneliness, caught in a crowd, they see

The warmth of the comfort lightens a while.

I see then, words elude me.


When stares so cold chill you to the bone

A warm, assuring gaze shelters the knee

The heart forgives the stares of stone,

I see then, words elude me.


When the clouded sky shows no ray of hope,

And a second Sun comes along to be,

The light then clears dark tunnels to cope.

I see then,words elude me.

-Anuja Kelkar

I recently read Chetan Bhagat’s latest- Revolution 2020. It wasn’t just another roll out of The Chetan Bhagat factory, it was a thought-provoking one.

There are two categories of people in India:

The first, the indolent lot who don’t care about the bigger cause of the nation, and are lost in pursuit of MONEY, NAME and FAME, unconcerned about how they get it!

The second,  the righteous lot, for whom the path followed to achieve the goal is extremely important; that is those who still own a conscience(that is,honestly, an unorganized minority).

The story is based in the beautiful, small city of Varanasi(also called Kashi or Benares). There are three central characters in this story: Gopal, Raghav and Aarti.

Gopal, is the kind of guy who “Wants to be a big man one day”, but doesn’t really look like a bright guy with sparky ambitions. In short, he doesn’t really have the spunk to get ahead in life, following the right path. He belongs to a poor family and lacks the guts to take on the world.

Raghav, on the other hand, is the quintessential hero. He is intelligent, ambitious and wants to change the ways of the world. He wants to kill the bug of corruption and wants to bring in a revolution, to transform the world into one based on honesty, righteousness and fair means.

Aarti is the filling in the sandwich(The two bread slices being Gopal and Raghav.).She is a beautiful girl, daughter of the DM, who aspires to become an air hostess, and ends up as a hospitality manager in a 5-star hotel, as her parents cut her wings(her dreams of flying).

Gopal, Raghav and Aarti are good friends since school. Aarti and Gopal are best friends, who share everything with each other, while Raghav is initially, just a friend’s friend for Aarti. Later on, as the engineering entrance exam results are declared, Raghav bags a good JEE as well as an AIEEE rank, while Gopal, remains the loser, and doesn’t make it to any of the lists. He joins a coaching institute, CareerPath in Kota and repeats JEE on his father’s insistence and his savings. While Gopal is away from Varanasi, Raghav joins IT-BHU, using his JEE rank and Aarti and Raghav fall in love with each other. Gopal sniffs the affair and confronts Aarti a number of times, and fails in his attempt to get his girl back, while struggling to study hard for the JEE. He returns after the re-attempt, back to Varanasi, and a lot of changes(read: results of JEE, leading to his father’s death; his acquaintance with Shukla-ji(the corrupt politician), his consequent post of directorship to a new engineering college, supported by pillars of corruption and wrongdoing, and his consequent surge of confidence) occur and he is transformed into a rich guy, who is close to getting the girl and close to losing his conscience. He gets Aarti to his side(she falls for Gopal and his hollow fame) and is ready to dump Raghav, who has taken up the cause of changing the world through the written word(journalism) and has been fired from his job as reporter in a good newspaper group, The Dainik, because of his naive ways and his insistence on “delivering the truth to the people, however dirty it may be”. This is harmful for Shukla-ji’s political career and he gets Raghav on the road. Raghav starts his own venture ‘Revolution 2020’, filled with righteous vigor and strength of a pure conscience. He continues to move on, notwithstanding the peril to his life. And he wins! Both, satisfaction of a pure conscience and the girl, Aarti. However, Raghav wins the girl all thanks to Gopal. Gopal gives her away, because of the dawn of the realization on him that Raghav is the better person, and that Aarti deserves the best, not him. Gopal, in the end, becomes “a good person”.

Chetan Bhagat’s line of thought is for the youth of today. Through this tale of the two guys and the girl, he says, you choose what you want :The cacophony of a successful career, rooted in corruption; or the sweet melody born out of the union of a pure conscience and honest effort. What’s your pick?